Activities and Facilities

Skern Lodge has a wide and varied selection of activities, all activities are carried out by trained, qualified and experienced instructors. We offer a range of activities that are either land or water based and on-site and off-site activities

An activity programme can be specially created and tailored to suit all of your needs. If you would like to book to be on any of our activities feel free to call us, or simply fill in the form on the Contact page and we'll call you!
Land-Based Activities Water-Based Activities On-site Facilities
At Skern Lodge we have a range of land-based activities to offer. This can be anything from abseiling down cliffs to crawling through tunnels. Many of our land-based activities can be carried out on-site at Skern Lodge. Skern Lodge has a wide variety of water-based activities. These activities usually take place at Westward Ho! beach or on the Taw and Torridge river. All equiptment is provided, you just need to bring a towel! Skern Lodge offers a selection of on-site facilities that can cater for your every need. To find out more about what facilities are availble just simply click the button below!
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If you are looking for exciting, safe and fun activities in Devon, then you have found the right place. With a wide range of activities for daily and residential stays, whether it's for outdoor education, development training or just for a holiday in Devon, Skern Lodge is the ideal outdoor centre for you.