The Unicode Showcase

Every character you type, and every character you see on the internet, has a unique code,🇵🇼 standardised by the Unicode Consortium. There's around 140,000 of these at the moment.

You probably know the characters 'A' to 'Z'. And 'a' to 'z', too – you are reading this, after all. There's also '0' to '9', and an array of punctuation marks you're used to. Then there's several hundred emoji characters. 💩😹🍑

Maybe you also know a second language that uses a different alphabet. Maybe even a third. But the chances are, you've seen far less than 50% of the valid Unicode characters.

The Unicode Showcase is a Twitter bot that chooses a random Unicode code point to celebrate every few hours. It generates a gradient background for them and random confetti, and tries hard to find a typeface that supports it.🇧🇩

🇵🇼 Some characters, such as flags, are actually a combination of more than one character. For example, the flag of Palau is combination of 'Regional Indicator Symbol Letter P' 🇵 and 'Regional Indicator Symbol Letter W' 🇼.

🇧🇩 In most cases, one of the Noto Sans typefaces is used. Noto is a project by Google which aims to support every language included in Unicode. The name 'Noto' means 'no tofu' – that's the little box □ that appears when your computer has no font that can display a certain character.